What’s in a Name? Part 2 – EL Ideas

The name EL came from a conversation with a potential food truck investor who suggested we come up with a core name that could corral a movement in lunch/casual cuisine. As soon as the idea (lightning bolt) came into my head to launch a restaurant about 2 months ago, there was never another name contender to represent it. These are the reasons I was drawn to the name:

  1. It is vague. It doesn’t speak to any particular cuisine; it is not a simple game of ‘pick a color/pick a noun’; it is easy to remember & stupid easy to spell.
  2. EL as in ELevated ideas in cuisine  & an homage to the Chicago EL transit system. Though we wish for our cuisine to be very fluid at our core and improvisational, all of our flavor pairings & the progression of our tasting menus will be very thoughtfully considered. We wish not to drown out any one flavor, but instead to ELevate each and every one. There will be a strong focus on French cuisine with tours through Spain, Italy, Israel, and the Mediterranean in general.
  3. EL as in ELusive – As with the food truck business, there is an elusive nature to getting a reservation at EL. To begin, we have an incredibly small dining room that will seat about 6 people on opening. We are situated on a dead end street off of 14th and Western, have ZERO foot traffic, and are the definition of a destination location.
  4. EL as in rebEL – I have never been one to stay inside of the lines. My philosophy is that when I come to a fork in the road, I take a hard right or left. EL is going to be a reflection of this philosophy and will be very vocal as a detractor of status quo and mediocrity. EL is going to be an extension of my vocal ways… for better or worse.
  5. EL as in the Spanish translation of ‘the’. The people, the scene, the service, the decor, the location, the experience, and the cuisine.
  6. The ‘ideas’ side of EL came out of our desire to be noticed for more than just our dining experience, but also for our philosophy and approach to living life.

Stay tuned… there are many exciting things about to g0 down & much of it will be found on this site. This includes the menu for tomorrows dry run which I have yet to really work out yet! Though I thought I was shutting it down, it looks as though thepickledtongue will live on… at least for now!

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