Until Next Time…

One of our readers was kind enough to take this photo of the menu from Monday night and post it along with her complimentary words on her Facebook.

The following is a little rundown on the dinner giveaways…

1. It turned out being a 6 course dinner (Banana, Bacon and Beer Desssert not shown on menu) and not  3. I decided it best to give the participants smaller tastes of more flavors to have a better feel for what we’re about. If you can read the fine print, you will see that we didn’t skimp on the quality of the offerings.
2. It was really pleasurable meeting some of the readers and to get to know them a little. 
3. It was difficult deciding on whose entries were worthy of the price of admission… for those of you who were not able to join, do not fret – your e-mails are saved for the next time! Unless you’re one of our employees – in this case, tough shit!
4. For those of you who didn’t for some reason or another take advantage of this, we’ll be doing it again soon… but probably not as many guests at one time.

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  1. olika says:

    We missed out! Need to figure out this ISS thing!

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