The Speakeasy Throwback in Review – Round One

Apologies for the delay in getting this posted, but it has been a most unusual week since the event. Anyhow…

Of all the environmentalpolitical, and social causes I  have been involved in this year, this was an extrememly special evening not only for how it turned out, but more so for those it helped. Over the past few months, the Koch family have gone from strangers to friends, and it was a distinct honor that goes beyond words to be able to bring this benefit into being. So many facets of the evening were born out of my 40th birthday party, so big thanks to John Kinder of Death’s Door Spirits and Adam Seger of Hum Botanical Spirit for conceiving this summit of local distilleries. Also a big thank you to Katie Koch (Shawn’s wife) and their team of friends and family for taking a great deal of the load off of my shoulders in the preparations. Most of all, thanks to my wife Kenni Foss and my children Talia and Noa for the incredible love and for not being selfish with me.

Huge thanks to all of the chefs and participants in the Speakeasy Throwback for donating their time, services, and talent. These include:

Additionally, I would like to thank the Palmer House for hosting the event, and to those who donated items to the silent auction. Finally, thank you to ALL who came out or donated in support of the evening.

After expenses, the evening raised almost $12,000 for the Shawn Koch Foundation to help pay for their exorbitant medical bills.

I truly hope all who participated and all in attendance had as great time as I did, and if the smiles in all the pictures are any indication I believe all did!

Below photos taken by Anthony Tahlier. More pictures will be forthcoming!

the pickled tongue peter vestinos

Peter Vestinos mixing the bathtub of booze.

phillip foss the pickled tongue

Throwing back before The Throwback.

the pickled tongue, adam seger, phillip foss

Cooling the bathtub of booze with liquid nitrogen.

adam seeger, hum, the pickled tongue

Master of the blaster, Adam Seger.

In the tub and on the floor.

Explaining the concept.

Opening remarks.

Pondering the silent auction.

Mrs. Foss sampling the bathtub brew.

Add an Image Photo by Anthony Tahlier

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  1. Olika says:

    Bravo Monsieur Foss! We clearly missed an excellent event!

  2. Adam Seger says:

    Kick ass debut of Chicago’s Spirit Locavore movement!

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