The Launch of EL

If you are unaware that we are now taking reservations for EL, please see this press release from F.U. Public Relations Company (Foss Unlimited). Our second dry run at EL had many positive vibes coming out of it, but most importantly may have been my more organized state of mind from the first.

Perhaps though of still greater importance, I now fully believe that it is possible to reach my vision for the concept which is beginning to unfold. Though it is still difficult to put into words, that may be the entire point of EL.. to be fluid. This aspect is why we are using ELideas instead of EL Restaurant or something like that. The next few months should produce a bit more structure and more tables if nothing else, though there is much more that I believe it can be if I surround myself with the right people. This said, I would like to take this opportunity to tip my toque in admiration to my wife Keni, who has been as good of a sous chef as any I have had (though she would likely argue which of us is the sous chef :)

On that note, if you are cook with a deep level of dedication and determined to one day become a chef and a leader, please  email your interest in joining our sprouting team at And unless you are an intern and interested in working for free, some decent pedigree is required.

Beyond this, enjoy some photos of the last couple of weeks…

We needed to shop for plates and flatware for our first service. Thank you Crate & Barrel outlet

Front yard morel filled with brain

This  morel was found in my front yard! Keni and I conversed on how it looks like a brain, and the first dish at EL was born. The morel is stuffed with a mousse made of the brain. There is an incredible/disturbing video of my brilliant wife removing the brain from the skull of the lamb… see it at this link, but buyer beware. We are a disturbed group here, and this video is meant only for equally disturbed individuals. Here is the platter of the lamb offal that was part of the first dinner:

Video shoot with

The liver from from the lamb delivery that brought the brain. Wrapped in mustard green leather, with rhubarb, strawberries, petite vegetables, and sauce a la moutarde (mustard sauce).

Saffron Arrancini taken to Greece: with yogurt, cucumber, beet, caperberries, golden raisins, & dill

The first toast.

Chocolate in a Theme of Red

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  1. Olika says:

    Bravo Monsieur! Looks like we will need to make reservations pronto!

  2. Jacky says:

    F.U. Public Relations Company, proof you ARE livin’ the dream. Epic!

  3. JM says:

    Love it. Hope everything works out.

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