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The Present Future of Post Modern Cuisine

What is post modern cuisine? I guess it’s a very futuristic sounding phrase that signifies that a movement is coming. When it comes to the new movement in cuisine, I am kind of like an old dog that is challenged to be taught a new trick. I could say that I am a purist at [...]

Kumamoto Oyster in a Lemongrass Sphere, Aloe & Pomegranate Foam, Scent of a Woman

  [video] This was our Valentine’s Day amuse bouche… press play to see the video of the amuse being presented in the dining room . I suppose I could have simply called it aroma of rose and avoided any feminist detractors who didn’t appreciate some of my earlier musings (HR finally caught wind of what was originally [...]

Amuse Bouche – Liquid Pomegranate Sphere