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Scottish Salmon, Lychee Caviar, Powdered Blood Orange Olive Oil

Posted by Chef Jens Muenchenbach After getting our little caviar gadget yesterday from our friend Rod Markus of  Rare Tea Cellars and Pasture 2 Plate, I wanted to put the new toy to work immediately to see how much more efficient it could make us.  I  know that this gimmick is already an old one, but I still […]

Amuse Bouche – Flash Poached Scottish Salmon in Lime Oil; Olive in 3 Forms, (and of course) Cardoons

Salmon is one of those items I have deemed a  restaurant like ours unfortunately cannot be without. Despite being happy with the quality of the fish (farmed Scottish) I really am tired of looking at it. But what can I do? It’s one of our best sellers. And though our preparations have changed several times […]

Scottish Salmon, Celery Hearts, Haricots Vert, Figs, Walnuts

Though the generic traits of salmon has become somewhat numbing, the amount of guests that orders it makes me reluctant to ever remove it. I do also like the presentations we have done with it. This photo has been on my hard disk for some time and I’ve even been reluctant to post it as […]