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Memoir Excerpt – New York, 1996

If there is such thing as a generic way to go about living life,  the road I have traveled has in no way, shape, or form been the over the counter variety. Little has come to me by script, and whatever will be next in my career fits perfectly into this shapeless mold. What follows […]

Food for Thought

So strange. Now that my Fridays and Saturdays are essentially free, I suppose I’ll put this post out that I wrote in May before it is essentially a moot point. _____________________________________________________________ I make no qualms about being Jewish, and now actually tend more to shout it out from a mountain top. I wasn’t always like […]

Nunavut Char Dinner at Blackbird

It is too rare that an opportunity comes along to collaborate and cook side by side with fellow chefs. We all seem to do enough benefits and I am grateful that these offer the opportunity to get to know some colleagues, but they rarely amount to more than hellos and possibly drinks afterwards since we […]

Sunday’s Pop Up

I just wanted to write quickly how wonderful it was on Sunday to cook more for the citizens in Chicago than for hotel guests. The amount of support we’ve received has been humbling and our gratitude goes beyond those that words can express. Most of all I’d like to thank my wife Kenni for being […]

Leaps of Faith

As many are aware, I have departed my post at Lockwood Restaurant at the Palmer House Hilton. It has been an amazing run that began on a leap of faith very similar to the one that is now in front of me, and I want to thank the hotel, the ownership, and all others for […]

Pop Up 1

After a successful and very draining 24 hours that had myself not only developing very rudimentary signage and business cards for our grassroots proprietary venture, my lovely wife Kenni and I just prepared and served about 700 portions of our newly named Puffy Pan Bread at Share Our Strenth’s, Taste of the Nation. My eyes right now […]

Soft Shell Crawfish, Andouille Filled Chicken, Etouffee, Absinthe Bubbles

This preparation made our menu Saturday night and we will be donating half of the $16 cost to the relief efforts of Protect Our Coastline. Additionally, while attending Shift Drinks at the Exchange for Schwa’s chef/owner Michael Carlson’s guest spot as bartender, I got to speaking with Sepia’s chef Andrew Zimmerman about collaborating on a […]

Salade Nicoise

The World Has Enough, But There is Always Room for One More Slow Simmered Tuna Flash Seared Big Eye Tuna Fork Crushed Potatoes Quail Eggs Roasted Peppers Tomato Cucumber Favas – (haricots vert are in tonight) Tapenade Niçoise Olives White Anchovy Greens Lemon Vinaigrette

The Speakeasy Throwback: A Summit of Local Spirit Producers and Chefs to Benefit Shawn Koch

A few months ago, as I was getting ready for my 40th birthday party, I had the good fortune of having Adam Seeger of Hum Spirits and John Kinder of Death’s Door Spirits assisting me in the creation of the drinks to be paired with the miracle berry I was planning on handing out for […]

Grilled Pulpetto – Brandade, Granny Smith Apple, Chorizo Vinaigrette

Movement to Bring Food Trucks to Chicago

Just in case you thought there was nothing going on in my world outside of our day to day cuisine and unnamed invasive species, I give you a Chicago food truck movement! Without getting into too much detail, this is the link to Mike Sula’s article in this week’s Chicago Reader, which gives an outline […]

Asian Carp & Shanghai Bass

If you are on this site for the first time, be sure to take time and browse from the home page, sign up for email updates on the side bar, and follow me on Twitter. There are a lot of things happening right now in my world that go way above and beyond Asian carp. […]

Visit with Fox & Friends… and Thoughts on NY Times Article

No need to check out the bottom video as it has been posted before. And since my tech expert/former sous chef Jens is across the big pond, it’ll have to wait until he gets to it before it’ll be removed. On to the matter at hand… This topic is taken lightly & with a sense […]

Royal Miyagi Oyster Enveloped in the Scent of a Woman – Aloe, Pomegranate, Ginger

This is a course I am planning on for Valentine’s Day for which I’ve built a recipe. The essence of the dish is to create a spectacle at the table where the aromas from rose water open the doors to the senses for the oncoming flavors & menu. To be honest, I’ve been building a […]

Sexy Chefs?

Well, as usual after lunch business is over I head to the office and work on the blog for a couple minutes or read up on some other blogs and comments. What I found was an article on Citysearch a couple a days ago that must have slipped my sight because I just really saw it today. Or maybe I just […]