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Mitkof Island Wild King Salmon, Olives in 3 Forms, Fennel, Citrus & Lavender Marmelade, Petite Salad

This isn’t Alinea-esque in the olive category… as a matter of fact the 3 forms are as Plain-Jane as sliced nicoise olives, tapenade, and olive salt. The flavors are very light and refreshing and speak to one of my favorite places on Earth – the French Riviera city of Nice. The salmon ┬áis wild caught […]

Amuse Bouche – Flash Poached Scottish Salmon in Lime Oil; Olive in 3 Forms, (and of course) Cardoons

Salmon is one of those items I have deemed a ┬árestaurant like ours unfortunately cannot be without. Despite being happy with the quality of the fish (farmed Scottish) I really am tired of looking at it. But what can I do? It’s one of our best sellers. And though our preparations have changed several times […]