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Benton’s Ham – Fontina / Butternut / Cocoa Nibs

2012.04.07 013

This course came to me on a Sunday afternoon while suffering on the couch with a 104 degree fever. Though I had no desire of thinking about food and tried pushing this idea out of my head, I knew that it had legs and would hit the menu. I brought the ham in from Benton’s in Tennessee […]

Smoked Char Roe – Katsuobushi / Tapioca / Coconut Milk

Smoked Char Roe – Katsuobushi / Tapioca / Coconut Milk

As always, if you are here looking for information on EL Ideas, please see the sidebar on the right. A couple of other notes before getting into this post:  The last couple of dishes I’ve posted have been of items currently on the menu. That is going to come to an end as I have […]

Cuisine at EL – Selections from 2011

Haricots Vert / Black Garlic / Bee Pollen (Brochu)