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Memoir Excerpt – New York, 1996

If there is such thing as a generic way to go about living life,  the road I have traveled has in no way, shape, or form been the over the counter variety. Little has come to me by script, and whatever will be next in my career fits perfectly into this shapeless mold. What follows […]

Uku in a Crispy Potato Shell – Roasted Fennel, Peppers, Spinach, Ginger, Saffron

This must be a week I was destined to pay homage to some of my influences. This – as most in the culinary world know – is straight out of Daniel Boulud’s rote playbook and was a longtime staple at Le Cirque even long after Daniel had departed. There, the preparation was always done with […]

Foie Gras, Spontaneous Improvisation, and a Memory

One of my favorite forms of creativity is the free form variety. This is when a guest comes in and requests that the chef design a dish (sometimes using a favored ingredient) without parameters. Sottha Khunn, the former chef of Le Cirque was a master of this. As a matter of fact, I believe some […]

Risotto Primavera

Translated directly from Italian, primavera is defined as the season of spring. Contrary to logical thinking which would have you think the dish traces back to Italy, the history of pasta primavera is actually directed back to Sirio Maccioni and my alma mater, Le Cirque. There, the ingredients (spaghetti was the base) would be prepared […]

Scallop Rosace, Lobster Risotto, Cauliflower, Gremolata

Coincidentally the 2 main components to this 3rd course of the Valentine’s Day menu – and served to the guests during our free food promotion – are inspired by 2 World class Chefs and both came from my days at Le Cirque. The lobster risotto was out of Daniel Boulud’s repetoire, and the scallop rosace was […]