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Yule Log – Chestnut Cream, Egg Nog, Cranberries, Candied Pine Needle

We came up with this when petitioned by Janet Fuller of the Chicago Sun Times for a piece she was doing on yule logs. Fabrice Bouet – the pastry chef of the hotel – prepared the yule log with the chestnut cream and I did the rest. We might have had it ready in time […]

Gingerbread Pudding, Caramel Apple, Walnuts, Egg Nog Ice Cream

 A dessert for the holiday season… After the ginger bread is made it is dried and then turned into a bread pudding. The baby gala apple is filled with a fine brunoise of apples that have been sauteed with walnuts and finished with caramel. More caramel is added until it falls down the sides. Although […]