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Apple – Peanut / Bacon / Parsnip

Apple – Peanut / Bacon / Parsnip

This course began as a pre-dessert and was first introduced on the evening of our second Anti Restaurant Week engagement. The idea for this was born from my favorite personal snack and one that has kept me fed throughout all of my travels: Granny Smith apple smothered with Skippy peanut butter. From the time I was a […]

The Asian Carp Experiment

Most in the community – even ‘non-foodies’ – are aware of the impact that the Asian Carp have already had on the US river systems, and that there is a great fear and great measures are being considered to see that they stay out of the Great Lakes. There has also been much reported on […]

Uku in a Crispy Potato Shell – Roasted Fennel, Peppers, Spinach, Ginger, Saffron

This must be a week I was destined to pay homage to some of my influences. This – as most in the culinary world know – is straight out of Daniel Boulud’s rote playbook and was a longtime staple at Le Cirque even long after Daniel had departed. There, the preparation was always done with […]

Scallop Rosace, Lobster Risotto, Cauliflower, Gremolata

Coincidentally the 2 main components to this 3rd course of the Valentine’s Day menu – and served to the guests during our free food promotion – are inspired by 2 World class Chefs and both came from my days at Le Cirque. The lobster risotto was out of Daniel Boulud’s repetoire, and the scallop rosace was […]