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Smoked Char Roe – Katsuobushi / Tapioca / Coconut Milk

Anti-Resto Dinner-31

As always, if you are here looking for information on EL Ideas, please see the sidebar on the right. A couple of other notes before getting into this post: ┬áThe last couple of dishes I’ve posted have been of items currently on the menu. That is going to come to an end as I have [...]

Spanner Crab – Smoked Char Roe / Cucumber / Grapefruit


As far as I know, spanner crab is the only pre-cleaned crab meat that arrives at the door in a raw state. Coming from the waters around New Zealand, they feed off shrimp and scallops take the ocean floor and take on those characteristics in flavor. As the meat comes in raw, we have more [...]