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Black Sea Bass – Salsify / Onion / Sherry Vinegar

black sea bass

This photo was taken back in January by one of our diners and I just stumbled across it while looking for something to post. Black sea bass was very gently poached in a beurre fondue seasoned with sherry vinegar. Salsify enters in three variations: cream, braised with pearl onions and sherry vinegar, and as the […]

La Quercia Prosciutto Shavings, Porcini Marmelade, Wild Arugula, Majorero Cheese, BLiS Elixir

There is an outstanding documentary on the operations and story behind the Iowa based prosciutto producers of La Quercia at the following link from┬áMichael Gebert’s ┬áSky Full of Bacon blog. I highly recommend checking it out. The porcini marmelade is made by large dicing the porcini and searing it with olive oil over high heat […]

Foie Gras Croquette, Quince, Black Pepper, BLiS Double Solera Elixer

This is a one spoon pick up and insert in the mouth. The servers inform the guests that if they try to go out on their own and break the croquette in 2, there is a good chance the croquette will spurt out and foie-zinate their clothes. This dissuades most. Speaking generally, I am very […]