Cauliflower – Bottarga / Anchovy / Hyssop

This might be my personal favorites of the “Uh oh, we need to get another item on the menu stat!” series. Usually this happens when an integral ingredient becomes unavailable.  In this case – as in the previous post – the versatility of cauliflower saved the day. As opposed to the sensuous nature of the ingredient in the below post, in this case the robust characteristics shine. The primary preparation in this dish is prepared in the Sicilian fashion with good quality tomatoes and copious amounts of anchovies, garlic, and onions. Bottarga – cured tuna roe – was sliced thin and tossed with some virgin olive oil and a top quality Spanish anchovy definitely take center stage in the flavor profile. Anise hyssop – which was left over when this course went bye-bye, really helps round out the flavors and bring back some subtlety. Some cauliflower fleurettes tossed in a gremolata and croutons round out the course. I wish all of our ‘oh shit moments’ could yield such great results!