Gonna Buy 5 Copies for My Mother…

I’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not to post this article because I do believe in the art of being humble and modest. That said, it’s not everyday that I’ve had the cover of a publication to myself. So I’m swallowing my pride and have decided to showboat the article that was featured this week in the widely distributed & free publication, New City. After all, I have linked to reviews before. Somehow – though I’m not sure how – ¬†reviews are less personal. Aside from this, I really like the angle that Michael Nagrant took to the interview and it’s not everyday I’m called ‘fearless’. The timing and scope of it really couldn’t be better as I’ve been getting some flack from HR for some of the PG-13 content in some of my postings (the NC-17 mussel post has been edited to be appropriate for all ages) . The buzz this has created around the restaurant and hotel says more about the subject more ‘appropriately’ than I’d manage. One quick misinterpretation in the article though… the aioli I spoke of using in mousses in the kosher kitchen of the King David was meant for savory purposes and not for desserts.¬†Click here for the article

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  1. Olika says:

    Congratulations! Well-deserved! Great article!

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