Chestnut Crepe, Chocolate Filling, Quince, Espresso Ice Cream

One of the few things I love about the coming of winter is chestnuts. As a matter of fact, much has been made of my propensity for incorporating them into sometimes too many preparations. I am currently being cautious and featuring them only in this and in a wonderful soup. There isn’t really anything ground breaking here and it simply is not too frequently that I am inspired in the pastry kitchen… nonetheless, there are a few new dishes on the menu to share.
The crepes are made with part chestnut flour and part all purpose. Once cooked, they take on the nuttiness of the chestnut. The crepes are filled with a chocolate-Grand Marnier ganache, folded into little packages, and warmed to order. When cut into, the chocolate should ooze out.
The sauce underneath the crepes is a puree of quince and honey and espresso ice cream is served in a tuile on the top.

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