Ideas in Ideas – Ideas in Food Workshops and Collaborative Dinner at EL Ideas

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It is with great pleasure to announce that EL Ideas and Chef Phillip Foss will be hosting the cutting edge Ideas in Food for ‘pop up’ workshops and a collaborative dinner at EL Ideas. Widely considered pioneers in modern gastronomy on account of their refined and inquisitive nature towards cuisine, Chefs/Authors Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa are [...]

Still Life – Snails / Royal Trumpets / Black Garlic

land, woods, water

This course made a brief appearance on our menu. And although it was very enthusiastically received, I never really sunk my teeth into it (metaphorically speaking). The idea was born out of asking whether snails are from the water or the land. From there I formulated the idea of creating the dish as a setting. [...]

Smoked Char Roe – Katsuobushi / Tapioca / Coconut Milk

Anti-Resto Dinner-31

As always, if you are here looking for information on EL Ideas, please see the sidebar on the right. A couple of other notes before getting into this post:  The last couple of dishes I’ve posted have been of items currently on the menu. That is going to come to an end as I have [...]