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Tasmanian Trout – Caviar / Anise / Zucchini Blossom / Finger Limes

Variations of Tasmanian Trout (all flash smoked for 1 minute) Tartare Cured Zucchini Blossom Filled with Mousseline Flash Cooked Shavings Crispy Skin The Rest Finger Limes in Pernod Pudding Shrenke Caviar Wild Fennel Blossoms Fennel Shards Fennel Leaves Golden Beet Puree

Oyster / Char Roe / Chive / Smoke

Smoked French Kiss Oyster Char Roe Parsley Creme Fraiche Tapioca

Matsutake / Snails / Watermelon / Yuzu Ponzu

Japanese Matsutakes Sea Beans in Virgin Sesame Oil Quail Egg Yolk Soba Noodle Crisp Borage Snail Dumpling in Rice Paper Yuzu-Ponzu Pudding Bourbon Aged Soy Sauce Watermelon Pickled Watermelon Rind Arancha Shiso

Cantaloupe Consomme / Whipped Ham

Intermezzo in the kitchen… photo by Huge Galdones

Mirai Corn – Several Preparations / Avocado / Carambola

Buttered Corn Milk Tamale Corn Fritter Corn Silk Freeze Dried Corn Krenke’s Black Popcorn Corn Shoots Charred Avocado Carambola Cilantro

Squab / Ham / Onion / Fig

Squab Breast Leg Roullade Liver & Heart in Cippolini Onion Benton’s Ham Onion Soubise Ramp Buds Black Mission Fig Candy Stripe Fig Radish Red Ribbon Sorrel Squab Reduction w/Cocoa Nibs

Cucumber / Apricot / Oregano’s ‘Innovators’ Video

Though long overdue, here is the video to the Chefs to Watch in 2011 feature from a month or 2 back. Though EL has certainly evolved since pre-opening, I am humbled for the nomination and would like to thank all involved in the production of the great segment. A big thank you also goes […]

EL ideas – Photos 2.1 & The Molecular Gastronomist Syndrome

As we are in the midst of gearing up for our third week of service, now seems a good time to share these pictures and to thank Grub Street Chicago, Nick Kindelsperger,  and photographer Huge Galdones for this behind the scenes look into our menu and inspirations. Buyer beware though… new ideas are pouring out of […]

EL’s Menu, 2.1

course one caviars / moonfish belly / kohlrabi / peach course two arancini / yogurt / saffron / honeysuckle course three haricots vert / black garlic / mustard / bee pollen course four chicken wing / celery / rhubarb / humboldt fog course five smoked oyster / vinegar / tomato / ocean froth course six […]

EL ideas – Opening EL, The Micro Restaurant, & The Meatyballs Mobile Valet Service

The first weekend is in the books and we have served a total of 27 covers. Many of our colleagues do the same amount of covers in the first hour of their cocktail hour, and then anywhere from triple to more than ten times the number of customers per night (our number is for the […]

EL Ideas: Day Zero

The following is a guest post written by our Director of Operations, Angus Gorberg. You can contact him through his email: Angus (at) Anyone that’s read this blog since Phillip’s departure from Lockwood has seen an incredible concept take shape before Chicago’s eyes. Both the most exciting and challenging part of EL has been […]

Everything Happens for a Reason?

- We are where we should be and doing what we should be doing. Otherwise we would be somewhere else, doing something else. – Man plans, God laughs. – Everything happens for a reason. Upon breaking out of Lockwood, the saying I heard the most was that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Though I know […]

EL’s Opening Menu

As our motto is to be flexible with ingredients and improvisational in our approach, please keep an open mind to small alterations and extra courses getting thrown into the mix.

EL Ideas – Big News, Reservation Lottery, & FAQ

I am delighted to bring news that the immensely talented Andrew Brochu – former Chef de Cuisine of Kith and Kin – will be joining forces with myself at EL to add an extra ELement. Chef Brochu is easily worth the price of admission on his own, and brings creativity and collaboration that is rich […]

The Launch of EL

If you are unaware that we are now taking reservations for EL, please see this press release from F.U. Public Relations Company (Foss Unlimited). Our second dry run at EL had many positive vibes coming out of it, but most importantly may have been my more organized state of mind from the first. Perhaps though […]

What’s in a Name? Part 2 – EL Ideas

The name EL came from a conversation with a potential food truck investor who suggested we come up with a core name that could corral a movement in lunch/casual cuisine. As soon as the idea (lightning bolt) came into my head to launch a restaurant about 2 months ago, there was never another name contender to […]

What’s in a Name? Part 1 – Josh to Phillip

There has recently been a feeling I have had to return to the name of ‘Josh’. My name at birth was Phillip Joshua Foss, though I was called Josh from the time I was born, all the way up to the point that I had been in NYC for 3 years. I’m not going to […]

Memoir Excerpt – Maui 2004-2006

Aside from an upcoming post stating the address of our new blog where we will chronicle the thought process behid EL, this will be the final post on the Pickled Tongue. This site has been very good to me, but all good things must come to an end. In any case, I found this post […]

Statement on Non-Inclusion to the Chicago Food Truck “Summit”

Although we respect the position and right of Ms. Heather Shouse in not extending an invitation to The Meatyballs Mobile for the Chicago Food Truck Summit to take place at Goose Island on April 19th, we would like to state that we are sorry to have missed this opportunity to put some pavement over our rocky past. […]

Art Culinaire Feature: Ancient Cooking Methods

For the vast majority of the twenty years that I have been in the trade, Art Culinaire may be the only periodical that I have continuously subscribed to, and it has been a professional goal of mine to be featured in. Oddly, the opportunity came to fruition a couple of weeks after I left the […]

From the Forest- Scottish Wood Pigeon, Assortment of Foraged Mushrooms and Greens, Sassafras & Wild Ginger Pudding

Photo by Derek Richmond Of all the dishes devised for the Art Culinaire segment, this was the most rewarding to execute. The idea of foraging for ingredients certainly goes back as far as civilization, so this one was pretty logical in regards to making the cut for the theme. What truly amazed me was the […]

Simmered in a Pot – Poached Bluefoot Chicken, Matsutake Mushrooms, Savoy Cabbage, Pumpkin, Truffle Honey Vinegar

Photo by Derek Richmond As I tend to preach (at times to the point of nausea), the less you do with an ingredient, the more it is going to be able to shine through on its own. Although roasting has a comforting ‘home feel’ to it and is a technique that is frequently worthwhile, the […]

Raw – Venison Carpaccio, Black Beluga Lentils, Chestnuts, Tobacco Leaf Leather, Espresso Gastrique

Photo by Derek Richmond I made two errors in the preparation of this dish for the shoot, both on the presentation level and not ultimately the flavor. The first was that I pounded the venison loin out instead of slicing it paper thin, causing it to have an erratic look. The second, was that I […]