Anti Restaurant Week in Review

One evening a couple months ago, I posted an update on Twitter that I was enjoying a pot pie that had been spiked with some fresh black truffles that were gifted to me. It was about 1am, but the taste of the comfort food combined with the luxurious aromas of the truffle was enough for me to tell the world about. After partaking in the pleasures of the meal I checked my feed to see if there were any replies, and I saw that Chef Shin Thompson of the Michelin starred Bonsoiree replied and suggested I open a late night pot pie food truck. I asked if he wanted to collaborate on that and though he turned down the offer, we decided to collaborate in our upscale settings instead. The idea of the theme of ‘Anti-Restaurant Week was his and it seemed smart and fun. I know it tweaked some folks the wrong way, but I don’t really get it. Yes, the inexpensive menus available all over town for the week are meant to boost revenue during a slow time, and it gives many citizens who may not be able to afford the meal the opportunity to go and check out restaurants that may otherwise be cost prohibitive. This said, there are certainly enough upscale restaurants like Chef Thompson’s and my own that cannot justifiably reduce the cost of our offerings by about 75% to partake in the events. So what are we supposed to do? Put our tails between our legs and just wait for it to be over? Nonsense. Hopefully next year there will be more chefs interested in collaborating and growing this for next year. Perhaps Anti-Restaurant Week wasn’t the best thing to call it, but I’ll take upsetting a few folks in the name of being proactive towards shining a little bit of light on restaurants like ours that usually go into hibernation for a week or so.  Anyhow, here are the pictures from the night as taken by the super talented Huge Galdones. More details on our offerings will be posted here in the not too far off future.

The Anti-Restaurant Week diners

Chef Shin Thompson of Bonsoiree

Yours truly grating katsuobushi for char course

EL Ideas: Gin & Juice

Bonsoiree: Sashimi Mosaic

EL Ideas: Smoked Char Roe

Bonsoiree: Wagyu

EL Ideas: Pata Negra

Bonsoiree: Motoyaki

EL Ideas: Still Life

EL Ideas: Whole Roasted Foie Gras

Bonsoiree: Parsnip Soup

EL Ideas: Anise Hyssop

Bonsoiree: Lamb

EL Ideas: Apple & Peanut Butter

Bonsoiree: Explorateur Cheese

EL Ideas: Forbidden Rose

3 Responses to “Anti Restaurant Week in Review”

  1. Sean Sanders says:

    Love the idea of anti restaurant week. Count me in.

  2. Chris Murphy says:

    Those are the best photos I’ve ever seen of Shin’s dishes, and that’s saying something. Wish I could have been there with you guys, but looks like there was a bit of a lookalike there.

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