Amuse Bouche – Pulled Lamb Shank, Spinach, Greek Yogurt, Pomegranate Beignet

Sorry for the layoff here… we’re in the process of our monthly menu ‘renewal’ and have been busy working out the details of it.
This was featured I believe on Sunday of last week. The lamb was finely shredded off of lamb shank that was slowly braised. It was seasoned with a good helping of extra virgin olive oil and gently warmed. The base of the amus̩ is a garlic crouton. Wilted spinach is the next component, followed by the lamb, followed by Greek yogurt, and then topped with a pomegranate beignet Рmade using a tempura base. The plate is dotted with a reduction of pure pomegranate juice. The flavors are very Middle-Eastern, a style of cuisine I became attached to through my wife, extended family, and 2 years living in Israel.

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