About EL Ideas

EL Ideas is a micro restaurant located on a back alley street in the little known Douglas Park neighborhood of Chicago. The name  - in addition to being an homage to the elevated train system of Chicago (and many other meanings of ‘el’) – is an abbreviation for Elevated Ideas in Cuisine and Dining.

The brainchild of Chef Phillip Foss, EL Ideas offers contemporary cuisine in a setting unlike any other. The dining room is situated inside of the kitchen and offers guests an environment more akin to a laid back dinner party than what is generally associated with restaurants offering cutting edge cuisine.

Interaction with the chefs and fellow diners is welcome and it is very common for guests to join the chefs in the kitchen to ask questions, take photos, discuss trends, or simply observe.

All dinner services begin at a set time and all guests receive each course simultaneously and served by the kitchen crew and dining room manager. Once the dish is served, the chef behind the inspiration announces the course to the entire room.

A collaborative effort between Chef Foss and his team, culinary ideas span from redefining known flavors to outside the box flavor pairings and methods of serving. Prepared with the heart and precision of classical cooking techniques with modern twists thrown in, items roll on and off of the menu quickly.


Price: $145/person + tax and service charge
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 7 p.m and Friday – Saturday, 5:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.
Cuisine – Contemporary/Fun
Beverage Program – BYOB
Dress – Business Casual
Address – 2419 W. 14th Street, Chicago, 60608
Email – reservations@elideas.com
Phone – 312-226-8144
Website - www.elideas.com
Twitter - @ELideasChi
Facebook - EL Ideas